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Monday 26 January 2015

I went for lunch with a friend last week and we were discussing things we wanted to do. We were laughing about the obstacles (often imagined) in the way of achieving these things and the procrastination that justifies not doing them.
My big block is my artwork. Yes I go to classes, yes I design products for the website and for shows, but I never just let go and create. I blogged earlier about my New Year intentions and have prepared my journal so that it is ready to add the paint, inks and paper, but I can’t bring myself to put anything on the pages! This begs the question of why? Is it that I think it will be a mess, a failure or a confirmation of what I secretly believe?  ‘It’s not good enough’ seems to be a message we often give to ourselves and I am certainly no exception. Who do we think is judging us? Of course, it is our sternest critic – our ego. Louise Hay teaches us to ‘love ourselves’ and we also need to love what we do and be much kinder to ourselves as we explore new things, new experiences and new places. I saw this quote from Andy Warhol and it’s going in my journal! 
I WILL post my attempts and you can see what you think!Just get it done!.jpg

Welcome to 2015

Thursday 01 January 2015
Welcome to 2015! I haven’t written a blog since 2013, but felt compelled to do so today in between sneezes! I have lost my voice and been in bed for days, but I am also very grateful for this chance to rest, read, plan and dream about some of the things I want to do or achieve this year. As I am getting older, it seems much more important not to waste opportunities, time and to make the most of now. 
We all look back at the last year and enjoy remembering all the wonderful events, lovely places we visited and special times we shared with family and friends. We also wonder whether we achieved our goals and did the things we promised we might and some of us, including myself, have had hard lessons to learn but have hopefully grown from those experiences.
So here are six of the things that I am intending to do:
1) I now intend to write only positive entries in my gorgeous new diaries (I like to have two) and I have also been given a Louise Hay ‘I Can Do It’ Calendar, which I am about to open and will say these affirmations. There is a General January message: ‘This month, I tenderly place my foot on a new pathway. I open my heart, knowing that Love guides my decisions. All is well.’ 
The message for today, Thursday 1st January is: ‘Today begins a positive chapter in my life – the start of an exciting new adventure!’ I can live with that.
2) I usually create a dream board at this time of year and I am always surprised, looking back on them, how much came about! I have a free download for 'Create a dream board' 
This year, instead, I am going to attempt to Art journal each week and if any of it is of interest I will share it with you. This is completely new for me and I have been checking out tutorials and You Tube clips for inspiration (oh the joys of the internet!) 
3) I am also looking into contemplative photography (a long, loving look at the real) as I would like to photograph in a more inspirational way.– you might want to check out Kim Manley Ort’s website: 

Meaning of life.jpg

4) I intend to feel healthier and fitter and be full of energy and vitality!


5) I intend to make sure I have an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’

6) I intend to ‘Love Big’ as I do believe it is the answer and way forward.

Love Big.jpg

Intentions are always stronger as they imply action and I hope you will also join me in some intentions of your own and if you need some guidance please download my 'Wish List'  

Wishing you a wonderful 2015, full of Angel blessings, love and exciting new adventures! Sharon xx

Snow in Spring!

Monday 25 March 2013
I am not one for venturing out in the snow but yesterday along with my photography buddy, I went to my favorite woods.It was a bit hairy getting there but once inside the woods, there was not a footprint anywhere. The snow was deep, the trees looked beautiful and the birds sung. 
As we started to settle into the photography, I could really feel the spirit of the place and having never been there in the snow, there was a different perspective on all our favorite stumps, logs and water. The snow cleanses everything and yet underneath this blanket of white, masses of bluebells are waiting to bloom, not really caring if it snows or is cold, just making the most of their moment. 
I would like to share a photo with you and also a few lines from a poem that I was reminded of:


Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. 

Robert Frost.


Wednesday 31 October 2012
It is 17.00 hours and it is dark outside. It feels much later now that the clocks have gone back but it’s a perfect setting for Samhain and everywhere I have been in the last few days, there are pumpkins, cobwebs and witches hats. This is when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and we can pick up those subtle energies. It is a time of decay, death and rebirth.

The Festival of Samhain marked the end of the Celtic year and the beginning of the new one and as such can be seen as the equivalent of New Year's Eve, sweeping away the old and bringing in the new.
It is a time to let go of what is not working in your life and to go within and use your inner guidance to discover new ways of being. It’s the perfect time to snuggle down at home, reviewing the last year and planning the next steps.

There was a full Moon on Monday, which adds to the atmosphere and tonight it is a Gemini Moon, which is great for communication and getting others involved in any activities and plans we may have, which is why I choose today to send this blog. I haven’t written anything for a long time, so I am now starting afresh and will hopefully keep on writing! I have some new creative projects on the go and will keep posting information as they are ready.

I thought I would include one of my photographs from a recent early morning mist photoshoot. The mists were, well foggy, but the cobwebs were spectacular! They were bejeweled with dew and so complex that those spiders had clearly been very busy covering almost everything around us with magic.


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