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A hard one this, but you truly need to be grateful for everything in your life and then more will come to you. It sometimes helps to keep a journal and write down everything good that has happened in your day or a blessing jar, where every time you think of something positive you pop it on piece of paper and then into the jar. At the end of the week, you can review the contents and give thanks. Don't forget to include that sunny morning, the first spring flowers, that special smile, a hug or stroking the cat.

The colour green is for balance, harmony, growth, abundance and healing. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and gives us the ability to experience wholeness and love. It helps you concentrate and that is why it is used as a base colour for many games. It also aids memory and soothes headaches.

Bring this colour into your life with, herbs, green plants, fruits such as kiwi and apples, and vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, avocado peppers, beans and peas.

The Archangel associated with this word is Raphael - a sage, a seer and a healer, who helps with knowledge, communication, and vision. Raphael gives physical and emotional healing, through giving and receiving love. He encourages you to communicate and share your inner wisdom, thoughts, words and creativity.