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Articles you can download

All our articles are in PDF format so you will need a suitable reader to view them.

Gratitude List
A handy cut out and keep gratitude list with various quote to inspire. These lists can be attached to journals and diaries to remind us all of our everyday blessings.

Dream Board - Six simple steps to get your creativity flowing
At this time of year I like to create a visual reminder to clarify my goals, plans, desires and wishes using images, photos,words, poems and of course some Angels.

Archangel Information
A handy guide listing the information associated with eight of the Archangels so that you can use the appropriate crystals, incense, coloured candles, elements or day to help you to tune into your chosen Archangel.

My Top Tips for Oracle Card Readings
This is a quick guide for getting the most from your oracle card readings and introduces you to choosing a pack, starting to work with a pack and calling in your guardians, angels and guides to help you get the most accurate guidance.

Numerology - the meaning of numbers
This guide shows you how to calculate your destiny and personality number and the meanings of the numbers.

Archangel Michael Poem
This is a full colour collage version of the poem, from an original by Angela Green. It is a great keepsake and could be framed.

Archangels and Chakras
A handy list with descriptions of the seven Archangels and the colours, chakras and words associated with them.

My Wish List
A simple format for creating a wish list for five different areas of your life, including, health, travel, home, experiences and work.

Angel Word Cards
A Christmas gift of a selection of ten Angel cards for you to print out and include in your gifts, on your trees or even under the plates to find during Christmas dinner! Leave them where people can find them, even strangers and make this special time of year a little more magical.

Angels of Autumn Poem
A lovely poem by Angela Green celebrating the wonderful season of Autumn

These are some of my favourite affirmations. When we look back or worry about the future, saying affirmations help us to be in the now and trust that everything will work out perfectly. You can print out this page and cut out the ones that you feel you would like to work with.

The Houses
The sky is divide into 12 sectors, each one known as a House and they represent every area of human development. This article gives a brief explanation of each of the Houses and the star sign that rules it.These are the areas to develop and work with in this lifetime.

Angel Quiz
Identify the qualities that you would like to bring into your life and learn which of the Archangels can help to bring in these magical qualities.

Angel Analysis Sheet
I have created this for you to keep track of the colours, cards and Angels that you pick, to keep track of your choices and influences.

Landscape Angel Words
A page full of words associated with the Landscape Angel, who watches over all the plants, trees, creatures and humans within a designated area. Print out onto card and place them somewhere where you will see them often, or give to friends and family.

Colour Wheel
This beautiful colour wheel was created by one of my students and can be used to find which colour you need in your life right now. Dowse or let a small crystal or coin fall onto the wheel, whilst keeping your eyes closed, to reveal your colour.

Healing Archangels
People often ask me which Angel they need for a particular situation.I have created a table so that you can see the different qualities and the Angels that can help bring them into your life.

Chakras are energy centres, which link the physical body with the ethereal, emotional and mental bodies. Each Chakra is responsible for an area of our bodies and resonates to a particular colour. This article explores the qualities that are connected to the seven major chakras in an easy to follow guide.

A Special Prayer
I was on a yoga retreat at an abbey and found this poem tucked away in a crevice by the bed. I have no idea who wrote it, but its message was perfect for me at the time and I would like to share it with you.

Five More Archangels!
These additional five Angels make up the twelve Archangels that I work with the most and cover the full spectrum of colours, qualities and zodiac signs.

Create a Dream Board
At this time of year,I always create some kind of Dream/Vision/Mood board or journal to help me clarify my goals, hopes and dreams. When you create a visual display, the brain can absorb the information more effectively. I have created a fact sheet to help you design your own Dream board and get your creativity flowing.

An Introduction to Archangels
This is an introduction to the seven Archangels I work with the most and includes signs to look out for, a little history and the words, colours and essences of these magical beings.

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