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Let Archangel Gabriel's shining light surround you with protection to guide you through your darkest moments, keeping loved ones safe. Imagine the people and things you want to protect surrounded by pure white light and Gabriel will keep them safe.

The words associated with this Archangel are protection, intuition, clarity and discipline.

In order to follow your higher path, Gabriel gives you the discipline and guidance to take the first steps, followed by vision and clarity to follow that path. Sometimes your life choices can be hard but Archangel Gabriel will be with you all the way.

The colours of this Archangel are gold and white.

Gold is wisdom and abundance. It gives a greater understanding of the past and trusts to let go, release, forgive and move on, which allows success to follow.

White contains equal amounts of all the colours of the spectrum. White symbolises purity, simplicity and peace. A carpet of snowdrops gives a feeling of hope and that all is well on a grey February day.