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Clarity is that clearness of thought that we strive towards when dealing with problems. In order to gain clarity, you may need to create a space to just be, rather than do, where you can meditate or go to a place that inspires you, such as the ocean or into the mountains. You may simply call on Archangel Gabriel, before you go to sleep to guide you on your next step and awake in the morning full of inspiration. Gabriel works with pure white light and you can use this light to clear your mind, it may help to have some clear quartz crystal and in meditation to imagine a clear, still pool, watching the ripples spreading, taking your concerns and melting them into the surface water.

The colour gold gives access to knowledge and the soul's experience. Gold is for wisdom and abundance, giving greater understanding of the past in order to let go, release, forgive and move on, allowing clarity and success to follow.

Bring this colour into your life with chrysanthemums, roses, golden berries and leaves, mangoes, apricots, gold jewellery, clothing and fabrics.

The Archangel associated with this word is Gabriel, who stands for protection, intuition, clarity and discipline. If you need more of these qualities call on this Archangel. Let Gabriel's shining light surround you with protection and positivity, to guide you and all your loved ones through the darkest moments, protecting and giving guidance, clarity, intuition and vision.