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Let light into your life to pour in all the dark corners of your soul. The drawing of this card is asking you to look inwards and focus on any shadows you may find and cleanse them with love and light. It may help for you to 'lighten up' and go with the flow, particularly if you like to be control. If you are feeling lost or alone ask the Angels to light your way so that you may once again be on the path. Archangel Gabriel works with pure white light and you can use this light to clear away your troubles and fears and literally lighten your load. It may be helpful to use or carry some clear quartz crystals.

Gold is crystallised sunlight to uplift and liberate. The colour Gold is for wisdom and abundance, giving greater understanding of the past in order to let go, release, forgive and move on, allowing clarity and success to follow.

Bring this colour into your life with chrysanthemums, roses, golden berries and leaves, mangoes, apricots, gold jewellery, clothing and fabrics.

The Archangel associated with this word is Gabriel, who stands for protection, intuition, clarity and discipline. If you need more of these qualities call on this Archangel. Let Gabriel's shining light surround you with protection and positivity, to guide you and all your loved ones through the darkest moments, protecting and giving guidance, clarity, intuition and vision.