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Drawing this word means that you need to be truthful to yourself and look within to see what you truly desire. Once you have been honest with yourself, you can then begin to live your truth and bring about situations in your life that make you happy and contented. When you start to live your life in this way, you can begin to speak truthfully about the way you feel and deal with situations and people more honestly.

The colour blue is the spirit of truth and can help you to speak directly from your heart, truly expressing yourself. Blue is a restful colour bringing calm and tranquillity, patience and wisdom.

Bring this colour into your life with blue flowers such as irises, cornflowers, forget-me-nots, hydrangeas and foods such as blueberries and damsons.

The Archangel associated with this word is Michael, who stands for truth, courage, strength, success and faith. Michael protects you with his mighty sword, cutting through the cords that bind you to people, places and things. If you are afraid, lack courage or in need of protection, imagine his protective cloak around you, helping you to speak and live your truth.