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This is a special card asking you to look at the beauty in all you see. Create a beautiful space for yourself or be creative and produce something special. The Angels see beautiful things as signposts so that they can find you more easily. Call on the Angel of Beauty, who creates the colours on Earth, to help you look inside and see your unique beauty within.

The colour pink is comforting, caring and offers unconditional love. This colour is about caring for yourself with gentleness and tenderness. Give yourself a big hug! Pink is loving and forgiving and is the colour of constant affection.

Bring this colour into your life with roses, pinks, lilies, rose quartz crystals, scarves, lipstick or nail polish.

The Archangel associated with this word is Chamuel, who will help you to love yourself, in order for you to give love to others and to release negative emotions, mending that bruised and battered heart.