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  Chakras and Colour...



Chakras are energy centres located in the human body and in Sanskrit, this means ‘spinning wheel’. They are spiritual energy centres, which means that energy can ebb and flow. The chakras link the physical body, the ethereal body, the emotional body and the mental body. Each chakra (energy centre) is responsible for a particular area in our bodies and a specific gland. Chakras resonate to a particular colour and this is represented in our aura. Auras clearly show our thoughts, emotions and aspirations. If we can raise our awareness to the highest energy available to us in each of the charkas, this will also show in our auras. The Rainbow Angels are here to help us achieve this. Each of us is connected to the higher realms and the Sanskrit term for this is antakarana, which means ‘Rainbow Bridge’. The Rainbow Angels help us to connect with the power of colour and it’s healing qualities. These beautiful Angels, link to the planet Venus and represent beauty, harmony, happiness and peace. Ask these healing Angels to bring in wonderful coloured rays of light to heal and restore. Below are some of the qualities that are connected with  the seven major chakras and some ideas for bringing these colours into your everyday life.

Base/Root Chakra (Life)
Chakra – Base of Spine
Angels of Fire and Mars
Red Ray – ‘New beginnings’
Courage, Survival, Passion, Power, Fire and Drive
Good for tiredness and lethargy
Physically: Eases stiff joints
Mentally: Gives courage and strength
Emotionally: Passion and excitement
Food: Peppers, apples, strawberries, tomatoes
Flowers: Roses

Sacral Chakra (Health)
Chakra – 2” below Naval
Angels of Mercury
Orange Ray – ‘New Horizons’
Self-confidence, Purposeful, Vitality, Warm-hearted.
Orange moves on - it is the colour of divorce!
Physically: Gut instincts
Mentally: Removes inhibitions
Emotionally: Lifts grief & loss
Food: Oranges, carrots, apricots
Flowers: Marigold and Lilies

Solar Plexus Chakra (Intellect)
Chakra – 3” above Naval
Angels of Air
Yellow Ray – ‘Inner Strength’
Self-esteem, Communication, Clarity, Optimism, Joy.
Good for menopausal flushes and other hormonal problems
Physically: Gets rid of toxins
Mentally: Clears away negative thinking
Emotionally: Lifts depression
Food: Peppers, bananas, lemons, melons
Flowers: Daffodils and Sunflowers

Heart Chakra (Balance)
Chakra – Centre of Chest
Angels of Forests & Mountains
Green Ray - ‘Inner Harmony’
Abundance, Love, Healing,Harmony, Nurturing, Growth.
Green is prosperous, especially in business – ‘the good life’
Physically: Green is a tonic, Clears headaches
Mentally: Aids memory
Emotionally: Good for shock
Food: Apples, Kiwi, peas, beans, salad
Flowers: Herbs and foliages

Throat Chakra (Communication)
Chakra – Centre of throat
Angels of Water
Blue Ray - ‘Spirit of Truth’
Expression, Tranquillity, Reflective, Wisdoms, Truth.
Blue brings rest – it cools, calms and slows down
Physically: Throat infections are related to not speaking out
Mentally: Clears away fears of moving on
Emotionally: Brings peace
Food: Blueberries
Flowers: Iris and Muscari

Brow Chakra (Higher Knowledge)
Chakra – Centre of forehead
Angels of the Midnight Sky
Indigo Ray – ‘Spiritual Master’
Intuition, Imagination. Integrity, Inspiration, Knowledge, Power.
Indigo unravels the unknown – the Third Eye for inner vision
Physically: The strongest colour painkiller
Mentally: Pushes you to review your life
Emotionally: Cures deep hurt
Food: Grapes, prunes Blackberries
Flowers: Anemone

Crown Chakra (Higher Consciousness)
Chakra – Top of Head
Angels of Jupiter
Violet Ray – ‘Spirit of Mercy’
Visionary, Noble, Service, Artistic, Enlightenment.
Seeing and hearing without using the physical senses
Physically: Immune system
Mentally: Too much purple can be depressing
Emotionally: Psychic perception
Food: Aubergines, figs broccoli, cabbage
Flowers: Lavender and Eustoma